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Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you!

Thank you for spending a bit of your time viewing my work, that means a lot to me!

The early years

I spent my childhood and early teenage years in Santiago, Chile, a beautiful place rich in history, culture, geography, food, and people. Growing up, I would always be chasing a soccer ball and eventually I would also be chasing my family and friends with my camera!

Chasing the dream

I moved to Vancouver in the year 2000 to attend art school where I had the amazing opportunity to explore and develop an understanding of many creative possibilities. Eventually, I fell in love with filmmaking and after graduation I worked as a freelance editor for several years.

Focusing on my passion

Working with filmmakers in shaping many different kinds of stories was a very rewarding experience. But more significantly, it made me regain focus on what I always felt I was most passionate about: photography and storytelling.

I love photographing people and their stories

Much of my inspiration comes from the lively conversations I have with people about life in general, getting to know what moves them, what they are curious about, and learning about the places and the people who have a special significance in their lives.

Seeing the bigger picture

We all love collecting experiences and sharing them with others. I feel this is one of the most rewarding aspects of creating a meaningful story with photography: sharing images of our lives helps us create and strengthen our connection with other people.

It’s all about love, life and adventure

As a photographer, this perfectly describes why I love what I do: it’s what stories are all about.